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Sales Returns & Allowances Journal Entries

You might offer free returns, charge a restocking fee, accept returns only with a receipt, or not accept returns at all. Or, maybe you decide to compensate customers returning items with store credit. Since you offer a Sales Returns & Allowances Journal Entries free return policy, the 2 units are returned to you.4One of the skateboards had a defective paint job that washed off after a single exposure to rain. You agree to reduce the retirement home’s account balance by $25.

  • Any transaction that happens in the business should have accounting records.
  • The source document prepared to document sales returns and allowance can be a “credit” invoice or what is called a credit memo.
  • A type of merchandiser that buys merchandise either from a manufacturer or a wholesaler and then sells those goods to consumers.
  • If the sales tax on the sale is 7%, what is the amount debited to Accounts Receivable.
  • When the above entry was posted to the accounts receivable ledger, a small checkmark was made to the right of the diagonal line.
  • Overshooting in sales is caused due to overstating of sales returns and allowances.

Sales returns are defective or unusable products that customers return to sellers. For example, customers might have to present proof of purchase, return the product in its original packaging and make a return claim within a specified period. Sales allowances are reductions in the original selling price for defective products that customers agree to keep.

Business Case Studies

Credit memos serve as vouchers for entries in the sales returns and allowances journal. Like debit memos, all credit memos are serially numbered, as shown below. On the financial statements, sales returns and allowances are disclosed and tracked by management. They are subtracted from gross sales to get net sales on the income statement. Sales returns and allowances must be properly tracked by accounting using journal entries. Review the process for recording sales returns and allowances with examples.

Account receivable or cash and cash equivalents should also affect whether it is the cash sale or credit sales. When paying for inventory purchased on credit, we will decrease what we owe to the seller and cash.

Recording Sales

While it is acceptable to record and report discounts, returns and allowances within the sales revenue account–especially for very small businesses–doing so leads to the loss of valuable information and insights. The accounting method will be different for a sales return and an allowance. In a sales allowance, the customer is not returning any merchandise and we will only adjust the customer side of the transactions . In a sales return, the customer is actually returning merchandise. We will need to reduce the customer side and increase the inventory side .

Sales Returns & Allowances Journal Entries