Our Corporate Social Responsibilty

MASTERWAYS SACCO SOCIETY LTD recognizes that being a member of the society we have to be part of the solutions to many challenges affecting our counterparts. Corporate social responsibility (C.S.R) is the contribution to sustainable economic development and includes beyond law activities in areas such as environment stewardship, assistance to the disadvantaged members of the society, accountability and transparency, corporate philanthropy and volunteering among others. The Sacco intends to commit 1% of its surplus every year to be utilized for C.S.R activities.
Over the years the Sacco has played a pivotal role in helping alleviate the suffering of the members of the society in magnanimous ways. Being kind and sensitive to the plight of the members of the society is increasingly being accepted as the way forward for the Sacco.
In the world today, it is crystal clear that human kind is using natural resources at a faster rate than they are being replaced and this will disadvantage the future generation because they will not have the resources that they need for their development.

Nyumba Ya Wazee – Huruma

MASTERWAYS SACCO has initiated several projects and assistance since year 2012 when it under took two C.S.R projects. The first was a visit to NYUMBA YA WAZEE Huruma where the Sacco donated food stuff, clothings and financial assistance to the tune of Ksh 170,000. The second project was a financial donation of Ksh 150,000 to the KNH children`s with cancer.

Kwanjiku Centre for children with mental paralysis – Homabay

Fast forward to year 2013, the Sacco again split its kitty into two projects. An amount of Ksh 200,000 was directed to Kwanjiku Centre for children with mental paralysis, where the Sacco built a modern state of art incinerator. The project was officially launched in October 2013 and handed over to the institution. This was in line with its C.S.R objectives of environmental conservation.The incinerator has improved the disposal of needles and syringes by burning them in a controlled environment. The second project benefited Ondiere Kogelo church in Suba Homabay County where the Sacco donated iron sheets worth Ksh 170,000 for its completion.

YMCA Ngecha Centre – Limuru

Presently the Sacco is undertaking renovations and repainting of YMCA NGECHA CENTRE Limuru. The project will awake a sleeping giant that has been neglected for many years. The plans involve restructuring the center to offer training as a college for Accounting courses and I.T. The youths will benefit from the Centre that intends to open the digital village to empower the members of the community. The newly repainted block B can be used as a recreation Centre with gym facilities and will go a long way to minimize the rampant lifestyle diseases currently being experienced by community around. We are happy to be associated with the above projects and in future we commit to sustain the momentum.