How To Make Money Playing Video Games: From Bits to Riches

To earn money playing games, especially via boosting, you’d need to be really good at them and have a way to prove your prowess. Customers who seek these services are very picky and, if the booster/farmer isn’t well known enough, they may go to someone else. If boosting is detected, both accounts can get permanently banned. This is a bit controversial, but definitely, the most direct way to get paid to play video games. MMO players know how hard it is to grind for gold, items, or just level up their alt account, so they’re more than eager to pay someone else to do it for them. Platforms like Fiverr are some of the most common places to find these jobs, as well as gaming forums.

  1. Depending on your skills and level of creativity, you could make a serious living this way.
  2. There are memory and action games where you guide a character to jump over pits and obstacles to gain points.
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  4. It could be scripted, might be comedic, or could have some tips and tricks about the game.
  5. Unfortunately, most QA Tester positions are for mobile games rather than PC or console ones, which can be an issue for many people interested in this job.

You can also enter cash tournaments, earn cash back, or win cash prizes through a wide selection of GSN games, including Poker, Casino, Wheel of Fortune, and more. If you’re not interested in becoming a professional gamer but want to earn some easy cash each month playing games, consider these sites. Cashyy is an app that will pay you to play video games on mobile devices. A small amount of work is involved before you can get paid to play video games. If you are looking for apps that pay you to play games, options are tournament-based, while others allow you to play alone and earn rewards after completing specific objectives or challenges. The sky is the limit when starting down the path of monetizing your love of video games.

Can you get paid for playing video games?

Keep sharing this type of information so that more and more people get an opportunity to earn money. If you’re an avid gamer, making money with online games is worth a try. There are real money-earning games for those who like being in front of an audience or playing tournament style as well as options for more behind-the-scenes work. Video game developers are the people who design the game — from the graphics you see to the functionality of the features. If you have good graphic design and coding skills and love video games, this is a potential career path for you. Before choosing this way of making money playing games online, make sure you vet each site or tournament to ensure it’s legitimate and legal in your state.

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When selling on eBay, you can do a “Buy It Now” sale with a fixed price or an auction where your account goes to the highest bidder. The best places to get traffic when you are starting out are from social media channels like Facebook and YouTube. And, of course, you can use traditional blog income methods such as advertising or creating courses. Depending on your skills and level of creativity, you could make a serious living this way.

Becoming An eSports Player

You may not be allowed to use licensed characters in your design, but you can get creative to sell other products gamers would love. The two most common paths to get paid here are either as a staff writer for a gaming publication or as a freelancer. Your earning potential ranges from from $26,000 to $100,000 a year depending on your experience, writing skills, and portfolio. Solitaire Cash is free to download and play, but real money tournaments aren’t yet available in AZ, IN, IO, LA, ME, MT, SC, and WA. The well-rated Android and iOS (4.6-stars from over 250k App Store reviews) game app pits you against similarly-skilled solitaire players. Everyone receives the same deck, and top 3 players who finish with the most points win.

With over 5 million downloads, the app has earned mostly positive reviews (players call it fun and addicting). In the negative App Store reviews, the most common complaint is that the ads claiming you can win big money with little effort are misleading. Each game only takes about 2 minutes to play, and you can earn real-world rewards and cash prizes (except in AR, IA, LA, SC, and WA). If so, you could earn money by developing games for the web. You can earn money in video game development in a couple of ways. Another popular gaming site that will pay you to play games is Play and Win.

And you might not like how you feel about a particular game after playing it competitively. After a certain point, it could feel like work playing a game every day and all week for months at a time. When it comes to content creation, viewers are often attracted to original content or original takes on how to choose the best website development consultants existing content. They’re also drawn to people who are having fun or are skilled (or both) at the game they’re playing. We receive compensation from the products and services mentioned in this story, but the opinions are the author’s own. Learn more about how we make money and our editorial policies.

Then, when a game becomes available for you to test, they will message you with the details of how much time you need to play and what they are willing to pay. Playtestcloud is a way to play games even before they get released. When you sign up, you select the types of games that you like to play like racing, role playing, etc. Several online places are hiring online coaches, including GameCoach. You will need an internet connection, headset, and video capability to teach your students how to master the game.

Skillz offers a variety of different games you can play to win money. While some games are free, most require an entry cost to play. Other users can pay you to buy clothing, furniture, or other material goods. It’s taking profits in crypto also possible to make money by renting or selling real estate and creating experiences such as amusement parks or nightclubs. You can also make money by selling your account info online at Player Auctions.

If you know your way around a certain game, you can help customers and deliver support via an in-game chat function. You may want to consider an internship first if you want to go on this career path. Huge tournaments like the League of Legends World Championship and Intel Extreme Masters attract a big audience and even bigger paydays for the winners. If your content is better for adults, you might create a pre-recorded class for Udemy or Skillshare.

In addition, other methods can help you, such as being a video game developer, a mentor for other gamers, a video game blogger, and much more. A few decades ago, it wouldn’t have been as feasible to make money playing video games. But in our modern, technology-filled world, you have loads of opportunities to turn a video-game passion into beginner´s guide to mining bitcoins a career and make a lot of money. And if not a career, a respectable side hustle to earn some extra money. We’ve put together a list of common ways video games can generate cash. Each way will not work for everyone, as learning how to make money playing video games can be a process, but it should give you a few ideas on getting started.

Completing them will reward you with virtual currency called Freecash Coins, which you can exchange for money, crypto, or other services. There are no “general” game coaches that can teach others how to play all games, and this job applies to eSports titles or advanced games like Minecraft. Alternatively, you may offer your products on Etsy, which is probably the most popular online place for custom gaming merchandise. Becoming a gaming YouTube content creator doesn’t require gaming skills at all, but it does require creativity, video editing skills, and auditing the channel, to name a few.

World Winner also offers a $10 Bonus Bucks credit when you enter the promo code WELCOME and make your first deposit. It offers its own currency called the Linden Dollar that can convert to actual money. Users can make money on Second Life by doing “hunts” or contests, selling objects or content to other users, or finding employment.

Becoming a professional AKA eSports player is certainly not an easy undertaking, but it’s a great way to make money playing video games. Swagbucks provides an opportunity for casual gamers to make real money playing games. These games are simple to play and usually a lot of fun, and it’s easy to sign up.

If so, you could compete in video game tournaments for cash prizes. The world of eSports is where professional gamers compete against each other to win, in some cases, unimaginable amounts of money. It’s important to have a plan if you want to learn how to make money, whether as a full-time career or as a side hustle. Knowing what you want to do and the steps you need to take along the way can help you accomplish your goals more efficiently. Here are a few options to consider to make money playing video games. Now you know that earning money by playing video games is possible and easier than you might think.

But if you’re good at games and still able to enjoy them, eSports could be a legitimate route to earn some money. Though you still likely have to put in loads of time and hard work for practices, qualifying matches, and the tournament games themselves. “Go Testify” is a great gaming platform that pays users very well for testing new games and sharing input. I have made $25 for less than a half-hour of my time on several occasions. A lot of fun but a little difficult to get regular invites (and they fill up very quickly).