Is Listening to Podcasts While Working a Good Idea?

I love that Jeff includes a list a action steps with each podcast that he posts. 5 Ways to Conquer Procrastination (20 min.) and The Fascinating Power of Anchor Habits (19 min.) are great episodes to get the ball rolling. Tim Ferriss is a self-experimenter and bestselling author, best known for The 4-Hour Workweek – a must-read for anyone who wants to get serious about getting the most out of their time.

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Podcasts can assist employees in upskilling or reskilling relevant expertise required for their roles. And the fact that we all use it means that their dominance is multiplied exponentially. As you say, it puts it on speed, making it harder and harder for other companies to compete with them. Exactly, and the ones that it’s, importantly, easiest to walk into.

Podcasts in the work-from-home era

A lot of people falsely believe that they can maintain focus while they listen to a source of entertainment. The rise of music streaming services has made it very easy and convenient for people to listen to songs, and as song streaming has grown in popularity, so has podcast streaming. As you listen to a specific type of podcast, your mood can become more positive. When you are spending hours on a particular task, it is important to keep your motivation high. That way, you will be able to complete your planned task effectively.

Co-hosted by NPR’s Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel, Invisibilia delves into a wide array of human behavior, interweaving narrative storytelling with fascinating new psychological and brain science. Listen and research will come to life in a way that will make you see your own life differently. Produced by NPR News, Invisibilia turns the dry and scholarly into utterly captivating storytelling.

Still Processing by The New York Times

The conversations resonate, and Ramit offers helpful questions and insights to help his guests move past unhelpful beliefs and battles about their finances. Corey Haines explores marketing in all its facets and dimensions through conversations with honest marketers, entrepreneurs, and even people who don’t consider themselves marketers. This podcast will help you get out of your echo chamber and create unique marketing by learning from vastly different types of people, strategies, and industries.

podcasts while working

Once in a while his wife Nia will join in and add some good opinions and laughter. If you’re looking for a compassionate place to learn how to dial anxiety down and get on with creating a happier life with more calm, contentment, meaning, and purpose, this is the podcast for you. Well, hello anxiety is hosted by anxiety and well-being speaker, educator, and bestselling author Dr. Jodi Richardson. Through open and honest conversations Jodi and her guests share expertise, inspiration, and practical strategies to help you rise to the challenge of being human with the tools you need to thrive.

Bulletproof Radio

Everything has a history, whether it’s a country, famous woman, piece of art, or popular snack. Do one quick search for a history podcast and the expansive range of this non-fiction topic becomes clear. With such a massive selection of history-themed podcasts available, it’s tough to decide where to start when you want to scratch your itch for interesting and informational content.

podcasts while working

In each 20-minute episode, Kaleigh and Emma take a deep dive that provides actionable advice and firsthand insights from 10+ years of full-time freelancing. They feel more intimate (like the people you’re listening to are talking directly to you.) And when you choose the right shows and topics to fill your ears — podcasts can be game-changing. Have you ever wondered exactly what goes into building a startup? Listen to Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow to learn everything you need to know about the pitfalls and benefits of starting a business. This podcast dedicates an entire season, rather than just an episode, to the story behind one startup.

Even if you are comfortable handling multiple tasks at work, listening to podcasts hinders your operations and slows your work. For instance, if a podcast is interesting, it will demand more attention, disrupting the pending task’s focus. Alternatively, if you direct your focus on the task at hand, the podcast becomes destructive and will sound like background noise. Podcasts that deliver success stories can enhance motivation and inspire employees. Podcasts related to your industry can especially assist employees in building a solid connection to their work, improving morale, and making the work more enjoyable.

  • I would argue that Still Processing is the smartest conversation show in podcasts today.
  • The stories told by the hosts are funny and witty, making this podcast a great choice to listen to while working.
  • An earlier version of this episode misstated the day Coco Gauff won the U.S.

After discovering a shared love of crime stories at a Halloween party in 2015, they teamed up to create this podcast. Euronews Culture presents its recommendations from some of our favourite podcasts for your listening pleasure, whether you’re out and about or seeking reflective thoughts about life, love and all things in-between. Finding ways to optimize efficiency is essential for both businesses and individuals. Podcasts allow employees and employers to use time more efficiently by enabling access to different scenarios.

This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt is a weekly podcast dedicated to intentional leadership. The goal of the podcast is to help you live with more passion, work with greater focus, and lead with extraordinary influence. Back to Work is an award winning talk show with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin discussing productivity, communication, work, barriers, constraints, tools, and more.

  • You will often be distracted by talking from colleagues, noise from outside, or you simply cannot focus on your job.
  • That and a serious dose of comedy will have you in tears one minute and laughing the next.
  • So the Justice Department basically says Google is a big fish in a small pond, and Google says it’s not a pond; it’s a giant ocean.
  • Janis and Alex are two creators who explore what it takes to turn your creative energy and ideas into a profession.