Online Data Room Review

Online Data Room Review

The last thing you want is for the sensitive documents, such as intellectual property, litigation files, financial documents, to be lost or stolen. This is why online data rooms have been popular for storing, managing and sharing confidential documents.

However there is a difference between the different VDRs are created equal and each has its own set of features. When selecting a vendor, it’s crucial to take into consideration the various features, security options, interface, and costs involved.

In addition to that, many VDRs are equipped with document permissions that are granular and allow you to define which users are allowed to view only or print files and when. Some VDRs are able to add dynamic watermarks to pages of printed or viewed documents for enhanced security. Some allow monitoring of file activity and user activities which can be useful when conducting a safety inspection or observing interest during the capital raising round.

A complete reporting and logging feature is another must-have. Certain VDRs permit you to keep track of user and document activities in a straightforward report that can provide valuable information to be used for business. This allows you to determine what, when and by whom files were accessed and if any confidential information was changed.

The best online data rooms provide an unbeatable user experience, with an intuitive and clear interface that works on all devices. They also provide extensive deployment options and one sign-on for all projects. They also support multi-projects management, allowing you create and manage multiple project spaces with varying levels of access. Each project can have its own layout of documentation. They also provide 24-hour support via multiple channels and dedicated experts to assist you with any problems.