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sip calculator

One may choose to withdraw a lump sum amount via a redemption request as and when required. Usually, the minimum withdrawal amounts are specified in the disclosure documents. The SIP interest rate varies depending on the mutual fund scheme. High-risk equity schemes earn more, while long-term debt-based mutual fund schemes earn less.

A 10 smart goals examples for small businesses in 2020 online is a beneficial tool, which shows the estimated returns you will earn after the investment tenure. So, in both these ways you can use the online insurance calculator for SIP calculations. You can also change these variables as many times as you want and compare different mutual fund schemes easily.

Calculating your SIP projections

Check with your bank/ relevant authentic sources for current rates. Calculate the amount of money you will accumulate on retirement with our PPF return calculator. Choosing the right type of SIP helps you maximize your returns without affecting your monthly budget. Our SIP calculator is based on the principle of compounding (or compound interest). Unlike simple interest, compound interest earns interest on both the principle amount as well as the interest earned on the amount in previous years.

Indeed, you get a rough estimate on the maturity amount for any of your monthly SIP, based on a projected annual return rate. Apart from offering compounding and rupee cost averaging benefits, SIPs also play a key role in instilling the much-needed investment discipline and regularity among amateur investors. A SIP calculator helps users plan for a specific financial need by providing an estimate of the expected returns on a fixed amount invested periodically for a stipulated duration. An online SIP calculator or a mutual fund investment calculator can help investors plan for various financial objectives.

sip calculator

SIP or systematic investment plan assist you in building that discipline in your investment approach. However, you cannot jump into any SIP of any mutual fund scheme without evaluating the potential risks and returns over the investment tenure and here to help you there is a SIP calculator. A systematic investment plan or SIP is a method of investment offered by mutual fund companies. Investors can use this facility to invest a fixed amount periodically in mutual fund schemes of their choice. Apart from SIP, you can also make a one-time investment in mutual funds by investing a lump sum.


The Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a way that allows your business to invest small amounts periodically. It, unlike other investments, does not burden your business with a huge amount. The results are not guaranteed to be accurate or fit for any purpose. The presented results should not be taken as professional advice, or relied upon as the sole basis for making important decisions.

  • It may increase or decrease, which will change the estimated returns.
  • As the amount is invested on regular intervals, the impact of market volatility is comparatively lesser.
  • An online sip return calculator helps you find out the estimated return in the blink of an eye.
  • Calculate NSC interest earned and total investment returns with our NSC calculator.

The online tool is very user-friendly and makes the computation real-time. Additionally, this tool provides serious investors with the data required to assimilate their investment value. SIPs provide an easy way of building wealth over a period for various financial needs of investors ranging from marriage, education purposes, buying a property, among others.

Then choose the duration of the investment and expected returns. Once you provide this information, the calculator will show you what your invested amount is, what its future value will be and what your returns will be for that chosen period. With the cred sip calculator, you can estimate your return by simply filling in the monthly investment, investment tenure, and expected return rate.

SIP Lumpsum Calculator

Lastly, the online SIP calculator would eliminate the possibility of any errors while calculating your returns while helping you save time. Select the expected rate of return based on your SIP plan Once done, you would be able to view estimated returns via your SIP investments in a matter of seconds. People who are new to investments, or mutual funds in general, might think that SIP is either the same as mutual funds or completely unrelated. In fact, the Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is just an easier, periodic method of investing in mutual funds.

  • SIP investments in mutual funds have become one of the most popular investment options for millennials lately.
  • SIP Calculator is essential for any investor looking to invest through SIP.
  • Trigger sip is suitable for people who have good knowledge of the financial market.
  • It helps you become financially disciplined and create a habit of savings that can benefit you in the future.
  • Enter the desired monthly investment amount, expected rate of interest, select the number of years to invest, and the SIP calculator will compute the total estimated returns.
  • It allows an investor to invest small amounts periodically in a mutual fund scheme – typically monthly, although one can invest daily, weekly, quarterly.

Also, investors can get an understanding of how much money they need to invest periodically and for what period to attain their desired financial goal. Enter the desired monthly investment amount, expected rate of interest, select the number of years to invest, and the SIP calculator will compute the total estimated returns. A SIP Calculator is a tool that helps investors calculate their estimated returns when investing in mutual funds through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). It can be used to determine how much an investor will earn by investing in mutual funds through a SIP over a certain period.

Helps in analysis

You can increase or reduce your SIP amount in a mutual fund scheme if you feel it isn’t giving you the best returns. To invest in sip, you have to complete the kyc process, submit the required documents and complete the in-person verification. You have to select the sip fund house and the contribution amount.

• Enter the amount you wish to invest per month in a mutual fund. Flexible sip allows you to increase or decrease your regular sip amount at your convenience. You can contribute as per your cash inflow, contributing more if you earn a bonus or profit, and even skip an instalment if you are facing a cash shortage. You can compare different investment options using a SIP Calculator. You can also assess the impact of varying investment amounts, frequency, and terms. No need to time the market – Since the investment is made over a period of time, a SIP helps you avoid the need to time the market.

Understanding the benefits

Dreaming about an early retirement to follow your passion, or planning about your kid’s educational expenses? Our mutual fund SIP calculator can help you plan your investments so that your dreams come true. Read on to know what SIP investment is and how to use this calculator to plan your finances.

SIP as an investment tool encourages the habit of disciplined investment in people across all walks of life. SIP and lump sum are both great ways to invest in a mutual fund scheme. However, an SIP is a better option if you have a monthly source of income and have a low-risk tolerance. Lump sum, meanwhile, makes more sense for high-risk investors who have ready capital. Trigger sip is suitable for people who have good knowledge of the financial market.

To start a SIP you need to fulfill the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. You will have to submit your identity proof, address proof and a photograph. You should also confirm your physical existence through an In-Person Verification or (IPV). However, note that SIP investments in certain mutual funds are subject to a lock-in period. For instance, SIP investments in Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) are locked in for three years. They offer a goal-driven financial planning tool you can nip and tuck to your unique investment style.